Kai Kreuzfeldt

Since 1996, I have Been passionate about teaching German as a Foreign Language and am well aware of the Difficulties of this Language. That's Why I pay attention to my Students ' Learning Strategies and discuss with them how they can achieve their Learning Goals without Frustration.


I lived in Brazil for 8 Years and ran my own language School there.  During this Time, I developed a meaoping language teaching Concept (German, English, Japanese, Czech), Which led students to the safe Active use of Languages in a short Period of time.
I am Familiar with cultural Peculiarities and respect them as well as other Learning Habits. At the Same time, however, I also convey the German Way Of life. This is how Integration already takes place in the Classroom.

My Teaching Style is "solution-oriented," that is, what the Student wants to achieve is important to me. What e needs the Language for. That's what I go into And make the Lessons visual, auditory, haptic and practical.

Languages in general fascinate me and I have got to know some (of them). I am talking about Portuguese, English, Dutch and Greek today.