Bruce Nicol B.A.

Bruce Nicol B.A. With great enthusiasm and joy I have been working as an English trainer for a few years. I am British and enjoyed an international upbringing. My studies in Fine Arts at Stoke on Trent (Art Foundation), and at Manchester Metropolitan University (CNAA-B.A. Honours) have been exceedingly valuable know-how to develop successful "Technical English" training programmes. The G.Q. (Grundqualifikation Erwachsenenbildung des Landes NRW) enables me to use a high standard of up-to-date teaching methods. Languages (German, English, French, Italian, Scottish, Gaelic, Cantonese and Mandarin) are part of my portofolio of personal interests. I have also got interests in martial arts and breathing techniques (Qi Gong and Kung Fu) and have taught these over several years. Of course the Fine Arts, Sculpture and Painting have always been very important to me. I am interested in people and their work in different fields, and I enjoy talking to people about these topics in English thus teaching them to use the language effectively.