Teaching Method

The fast and individual road to success.

Language Learning with the right approach
We offer "learning by doing" in a dynamic, motivating atmosphere where the participants learn exactly the vocabulary they need so urgently in their contacts with foreign customers and business partners respectively. Only the active use of a foreign language guarantees lasting success (see diagram). Our language courses lead , step by step, to a good command of the target language methodically. Participants practise all relevant topics as realistically as possible, and they can make use of their acquired skills in well-designed role plays. It's all a question of the right approach!

Language Learning with emotion
Successful learning is first and foremost a question of emotion! Establishing an unconstrained, emotional relationship to a foreign country and its language enables the participant to learn easier, faster and more effectively. Therefore EuroSprachenService has designed an active and practically oriented teaching approach which integrates sensory perception into the learning process.A crucial part of this is a dynamic and motivating atmosphere where learning means having fun. In this way, language learning becomes a natural part of one's working life. Even in our intensive training you can work successfully and with ease for hours and hours.

What we keep in mind...
Every single day our brain has to process trillions of bits of information. Only a few of them we will remember. The diagrams show you how a successful teaching approach has to be designed as an active and experience oriented process. The more we are involved in the teaching process the more we will remember.

10% of what we read            

20% of what we hear             

30% of what we see            

50% of what we hear and see 

70% of what we talk about        

90% of what we do.