Ghaile Windeck M.A.

30 years experience teaching, training and coaching Students and Business Professionals in the USA and Germany in communication, career development and Life-Long learning.


Ghaile is a certified TESL/TESOL Professional English Language Trainer and lived and worked in Köln Germany from September 2011 - November 2016.

Her clients from 40 different companies advanced their English Language capabilities to; evaluate strategic program management within various departments in international organizations, deliver standardized system orientation and implement new hire design strategies for Human Resource projects within a multi-culture audience. They gained practical knowledge on how to say what they wanted to say, understand feedback and respond with confidence.

She is experienced in English training for various industries including; Law, Science in various branches, Insurance, Social Services, manufacturing, engineering and IT technology.


She has coached Professors, CEO’s COO’s and CTO’s who furthered their professional presence in International “Global English” forums and conferences.

Her Professional Teaching & Curriculum Development includes teaching in seven Universities in the USA and at Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhle, Winter term 2011, International Business English.

More importantly, her passion for coaching comes from working with each person’s unique ability to express their self. She provides confidential and trusted guidance to attain very specific goals, renew self-confidence and supports an exponential improvement in speaking ability.
Ghaile Windeck is currently a Personal Performance Coach for professional individuals in business management, IT, scientific study and e-commerce.
She lives and works in Washington State, USA and Skypes with German clients.